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A storyteller at heart, Vishwas was born and raised in India, where movies rule and li’ll kids dreams of becoming filmstars (the cool ones atleast!). Well, so did Vishwas. He got some good theater and TV experience in India, but over time, he saw himself pursuing a more traditional career path. He came to the US in 2004 for his MBA and was lured by the corporate gods into a life of stable income and upward mobility.  That wasn’t cutting it for him, so with the love and support of his wife he quit his corporate career and got back into acting/filmmaking.

As an actor, Vishwas has appeared on the big screen in MGM’s “Landscape With Invisible Hand” and on TV in the Season 4 finale of the hit CBS show “The Equalizer”. He has also essayed strong roles in some amazing indie shorts/web-series, features and critically acclaimed plays. 

Keen on creating his own opportunities, Vishwas has written, produced and starred in award winning short films "The Visit", “Aftermath”.  and “Jasmine”.  His shorts films have also featured online on well known platforms- Vimeo Staff Pick and Omeleto.

His character-driven crime drama pilot, "Beasts of Nowhere" has been recognized by top screenplay competitions- as a finalist in the Sundance Episodic Lab, and a semifinalist in the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay competition.

Vishwas lives in the beautiful city of Falls Church, Virginia with his wife and two kids and is always open to collaborations that tell compelling human stories!

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