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My name is Vishwas and I am an actor, writer and producer.


I was born and raised in India, where Bollywood icons create magic and all li'l kids dream of becoming movie stars. All the cool ones atleast...and so did I. My pursuits got me some great theater and TV experience in India. But with time, my dreams fell to the wayside.

Worry not! A few years ago, armed with my family's support, I ditched a successful corporate career to (re)pursue my passion.



Why? Well, checkout the Resume, Gallery and Videos sections for proof. (And hey! The Visit-  an award-winning  short I wrote, produced and acted in, is a Vimeo Staff Pick -which is kind of a big deal. So...you may wanna check it out anyway.)

And if you have a good story to tell please feel free to reach out!



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